Floral Illusions

by David Rosinski


The last point's important if you're preparing flowers yourself. By their nature, you have to arrange fresh flowers the day before the event at the earliest -- and usually the morning of. This doesn't leave you much time to switch gears if you aren't happy with the results. On the other hand, you can experiment with and arrange silk flowers weeks in advance. That leaves you plenty of time to relax in the run up to your event!

Seeing is believing. You won't find silk flower arrangements more lifelike than these.

Add instant elegance to any décor with realistic, high-quality silk flower arrangements.

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Have you ever considered silk flowers for your event? Silk definitely comes with some advantages. For starters:

- They won't wilt.

- They're a lasting memento of your big day.

- They're easy to transport.

- You can prepare them long in advance.